What is Jio Glass? Features & Specifications, Price.

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Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) during its 43rd Annual General Meeting (AGM) showcased a new Mixed Reality solution for upcoming technology, called it Jio Glass. At the event, the company have not revealed the pricing and the availability details about the product. However, they showcased a demo as to how the Jio Glass will work when it is made available to the public.

RIL has stated that the new Jio Glass is design for teachers and students to enable 3D virtual class rooms. It will be helpful for conducting holographic classes via the Jio Mixed Reality service in real-time application. It will be also helpful for conducting virtual meetings for various purposes.

During the demo, President, RIL made a call through voice communication. In demonstration one person joined via 3D avatar & other one via 2D video call interface. During the call also demonstrated that Jio Glass will make meetings easy and interactive.

To recall, during RIL AGM 2019, Jio showcased a Holo-Board Mixed Reality Headset, which had similar functionalities. The Jio Glass seems to be the follow up to that Holo-Board Mixed Reality Headset project.

Features of Jio Glass

  • The Jio Glass has a single camera in the middle
  • This Glass is a combination of Mixed Reality. Users can interact with others over a conference call either in 3D avatar or in the regular video call format.
  • It is also compatible with voice commands and holds high resolution display.
  • It weights only 75 gms.
  • It has 25 in-built apps to allow augmented reality video meetings and more.
  • The Jio Glass needs a cable to power it. In order to function it needs to connect to a smartphone with a cable to power it.

Not much is known about the specifications of the product or what all things it can do. However, during the AGM, the company mentioned that the product will take advantage of 5G services. On which the Jio is currently working on. Jio will start testing its 5G services as soon as the spectrum sales ends.


  • The prices of it not revealed yet, But if the company has stated that it has been designed for teachers & students. So, It must fall at low price to solve that equation. If everyone can afford this glass then its really helpful to the upcoming generation.
  • The price is the main factor of this glass. If its low then its really very good otherwise it will fail. Price is the Key of this Glass.

RIL has partnered with Google for its Jio products, which means that both the companies will be able to collaborate and develop the product. while the Google in the past had a similar product it was working on, called the Google Glass, however, it did not pan out as promoted and never went on sale. But will hope that this time the product will be available in the market.

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